Chapter Thirteen online

“We are entering an entirely unique period of history, one unlike any era of the past. In the near future power will be drawn from new centers of gravity, the very idea of the state quickly becoming obsolete. Old mechanisms, old systems of vertical integration give way to non-state actors. I am speaking of a complete shift in paradigm not just in the political and economic arenas but a shift in social dynamics as well. This will be a shift in energy itself. Complete deinstitutionalization will take place in the coming decades. As the state bleeds credibility and legitimacy the new centers of population will turn towards the multi-national corporate conglomeration, the guerrilla organization, the terrorist group, the privatized army, or other free agents. Crime and war will blur. Citizen and soldier alike will be thrown into direct competition with every single human being on the planet.

“While the old paradigm will persist deeper into this century, it will become increasingly irrelevant. The old powers still attempt to shape the geo-political landscape but this new energy will outpace any monopoly on state violence. While the global south continues to construct federations to stand against western influence a new type of undeclared global insurgency will rise in the place of these old powers.”

Jarogniew looked up from the podium. The participants seated around the stage were hanging on his every word, large eyes searching for insight from the world’s mapmaker.

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