Chapter Twelve online

Jean-Francois rolled the dice and lost, the two hundred round belt having been exhausted by him holding down the PKM’s trigger leaving him with nothing but a smoking barrel.

The J-10 closed in.

Cannon fire spat from the aircraft, large caliber rounds tearing up the ground and headed straight for him. The former legionnaire winced a moment before the anti-aircraft rocket smashed into the side of the fighter jet.

The impact fuse on the missile detonated the fragmentation warhead lighting up the J-10’s reserve fuel tank and separating one of the wings sending the rest of the jet into a out of control spin. Separate streams of fire flashed out in the night sky as the wreckage crashed into a hill behind the UWSA compound.

The second J-10 coming in behind tried to pull up, the pilot having seen what happened to his partner. He popped chaff just a moment to late as a second HN-5 missile snaked right up the jet’s tailpipe and exploded, blowing the aircraft out of the sky.

With the back end taken out the aircraft folded on itself, wings blazing, the fuselage engulfed in flames. The pilot never had the chance to eject as the enormous g-forces hurled him back and forth before the entire jet separated and fell to the jungle below like miniature meteorites.

JF set the machine gun down, remembering to breath.

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