Chapter Nine is now up

The surrounding camp was lit up by muzzle flashes, a foot of fire spitting from the barrels of the automatic weapons that swept back and forth across the compound. The assault teams jumped off the trucks to begin their attack. Moving into squad formations they came under some sporadic fire, the militia men finally mounting what seemed like a halfhearted counter attack.

On the next hill over, Djokovic could see High Explosive rounds impacting just short of the summit. A driver called in corrections to the mortar section over the truck’s radio, walking the rounds in until finally they fired a shake and bake mission.

First they hit the drug laboratory at the top of the hill with another HE shot as a spotter round. Next they fired a Red Phosphorous round that burned across the hill in a nearly perfect circular pattern, immediately igniting the precursor chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine.

The resulting secondary explosions ripped through whatever was left of the drug lab. Pieces of wood spun through the air with long wisps of flame chasing after them.

At his distance Djokovic couldn’t hear the screams but could still imagine them crying out as they burned alive.

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