Apache attack helicopter gunruns in Iraq (2005)

Here are a few pictures I took of an Apache attack helicopter doing some gun runs on a terrorist hide out in Iraq.  They came in with rocket pods and then machine guns demolishing the cinder block building.


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2 responses to “Apache attack helicopter gunruns in Iraq (2005)

  1. Neat photos. Civilians like myself often forget just how enormous an attack helicopter like the Apache really is. That something so big can be so nimble is rather mind-blowing. I remember reading doctrines regarding close air support and recommended altitudes; “fast movers” were to fly nap of the earth, slow movers like the A-10 were to fly below that, literally winding around hills and such, while the attack helicopters were to essentially fly between treetops and buildings, using tactics like pop-up launches against laser-designated targets so they were only esposed for a moment or two. Talk about balls of brass. Closest thing I would ever want to get to this was back in the mid 90’s when I played Microprose’s Gunship 2000.

  2. I was always pretty impressed with the Marine pilots who flew Cobra attack helicopters. In training we lazed some targets for them but the laser got cut off by the dust 50 meters in front of us. The Cobra pilot thought were were lasing a target to our direct front right where the laser stopped and went ahead and lit that area up, dumping brass all over our heads. I think a few guys had to change their pants after that…

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