Duhok, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq)

This will be the first of a small series of photos from Duhok, a Kurdish city sitting inside a mountain range in Northern Iraq.  This first photo is myself in a Souk (market) in the early morning just as the shops were opening for the day.  I would compare Duhok to similar developing cities you might find in Central America.  No quite first world yet, but you can still find Johnny Walker Black Label so we are not talking about the savage nations in the heart of darkness either.

A shop owner opening for business.

Need shoes?  You can get everything in Duhok to include military equipment such as weapons sights, uniforms, and body armor.  I’ve heard tales of underground weapons dealers in the area.

I love the electrical wiring in this part of the world.  The orange paneling on the side of the white car indicates that it is a taxi.

I’ll put up some more pictures of Kurdistan later, it was definitely a fascinating place to visit.

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