American Drug Lords

This short documentary I found today to my surprise is about many of the issues addressed in “Reflexive Fire” namely international drug smuggling under the auspices of western governments.  I was somewhat familiar with Daniel Hopsicker’s work but had no idea he had produced this short film that so closely mirrors the subject matter of my novel in progress.  I would say that this video makes a good trailer for my book but to tell the truth that really does not do Daniel’s research justice, this is real life and as usual is it much, much stranger then fiction.


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2 responses to “American Drug Lords

  1. I’ll have to find time to watch this soon. The “War on Drugs” has taken a back seat in the last decade to the “War on Terror”, but that doesn’t mean drugs aren’t still moving and shaking all over the world.

  2. This clip is only about eight minutes long. I believe it was put together as a trailer for his full length documentary. I think that in this clip you will start to see where the war on drugs and the war on terror intersect with each other, they are different methods of transnational crime.

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