Sniper Training (2005)

Another picture from the training exercise in ’05.  I’m on the right hand side standing next to a buddy prior to a training mission.  We are both carrying the .300 winmag sniper rifle fitted with a Universal Night Sight (UNS) for night vision capability.  For gear nerds like me, I am wearing a chest rig with two magazine pouches for when shooting the SR-25.  The longer tan pouch is a sniper wallet that folds out and carries individual 7.62 LR bullets.  At that moment I wasn’t carrying any ammo because we didn’t have .300 winmag blanks to shoot on a training objective, in fact I don’t think they exist.  The silver snap link you see on my chest rig is to snap the sling of the rifle into while in a helicopter.  This way if the rifle gets torn out of your hands or something your $7,000 rifle and $1000 high power scope and $3000 night sight don’t go pinwheeling through the night and get lost in a swamp somewhere below.

Take it from someone who has been balls deep in freezing water looking for a machine gun some private lost during a parachute jump in January.  Please use your snap link.

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