Chapter Four preview

Looking up from the brochure Deckard found himself looking at a Iveco Light Multirole Vehicle modified by a third party, a UK based company, as an assault vehicle. He seen the standard model which was built on the same frame as the Zubr but was instantly impressed by the assault variant.

It didn’t float like the VBL but did damn near everything else. It featured armor plating and a V hull like the Zubr and had a operational range of five hundred kilometers. Scrutinizing further he saw that run flat tires and the winch came standard. It also had a gun ring for a machine gun or grenade launcher but what interested him the most was the assault variant package he was currently looking at.

The back of the vehicle had been lopped off and in its place were eight seats sitting back to back, four on each side behind the gun ring where assaulters sat facing out. Arriving on the objective they would simply push off their seats and onto the ground. While in transit they could return fire with their rifles or make use of several pivot mounts to place light machine guns on.

“I want one,” Deckard said smiling. “Actually, I want sixty.”

Update: Chapter four in the works.  Five and six are written and should be edited fairly soon after I get four uploaded.

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