Chapter Three now posted

The Serb sneered at Deckard, clearly the conversation was not going as he had expected.

Now he also understood his irrational argument for the Bulgaria deal. He could only be this passionate about such a non-issue if he was getting kickbacks from the manufacturer.

“You had better watch yourself,” Serbedzija said turning on his heel and skulking off.

Deckard smirked.

He knew the Corporate offices would never let him fire the Serb, he was clearly a plant put inside Samruk by the old men at the Grove to keep tabs on Deckard and what he was up to.

No, he couldn’t fire him, but he could sure as hell arrange a friendly fire incident.



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4 responses to “Chapter Three now posted

  1. I have a book club blog and would love to get a copy of your book. Any chance in that?

  2. I only wish, I’m about a third of the way done writing it! Thanks for your interest though. Check back every week or so as I will continue to upload new chapters as I finish writing and editing them. Would you like me to drop you a line when I get a Kindle version out?

  3. Yes, let me know when you get it out! Look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Thanks, and remember that the first three chapters are already posted on the main page. I do have a short story that is something of a prequel…it runs maybe 45 pages if you are interested.

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