Chapter Two preview

“We have a private army standing by,” Jarogniew said.

Even Deckard was surprised by such an unguarded statement.

“In a central Asian nation,” he continued. “We would like you to begin training and equipping them immediately. When the time comes you will be charged with leading them into combat.”

“Interesting,” Deckard replied his curiosity genuinely piqued.

“You would have full access to several accounts, this will be a well budgeted operation.”

“The mission?”

“When the time comes,” Halberd interjected. “When the time comes there will be a culling.”

“Yes, the useless eaters,” Kammler muttered.

Jarogniew looked at his partner as if he had said something wrong.

“The bottom line is we need someone who can get the job done once the time is right. You will have full operational authority on the ground, we don’t care how you conduct your business. Only results matter,” Halberd finished.

Chapter Two is now posted.

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