Casting Direct Action



Guy Pearce still takes the top spot as the best actor to portray Deckard.  He’s not the standard issue tough guy or ex-special-something-or-other dude you see in most action films.  Deckard is a smart ass dude sticking it to jive ass mofo’s all over the place.  Take a back seat Channing Tatum, I’ll use you as a henchmen in book #13.



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a terrific actor with a huge personality.  In Direct Action, Bill is described as a “human wrecking ball” so the actor that plays him can’t be some sally.  The Rock has the personality and the physique but my only hold up is that I wonder if he can play a truly evil character.  Because he plays the hero and since he seems like such a nice guy in real life, I wonder if he could pull it off.  If I were casting, I’d definitely let him take a shot at the role though.



Rick is the team’s pretty boy, pompous ass, and self indulgent prick.  Sorry Bradley Cooper, this has you written all over it.  Pretty boy.



Zach is actually described as looking like Waffen SS trooper but I think Paul Adkins has the street cred to pull it off.  He’s a real life fighter and martial artist so I think he’d work quite well.



Paul is another Liquid Sky mercenary, pals with Rick and Zach, who sports a nice Taliban beard.  I think Ben Foster can play a different type of character, more of an introvert which would work well in contrast to Adkins, the Rock, and Cooper.


Mark-DacascosRamon is Liquid Sky’s only member who hails from Army Special Forces.  He is a Filipino-American who served in 1st Special Forces Group.  Mark Dacascos fits the bill and he is also a martial artist.  Plus him up with some karambit training and he would be good to go.


freida-pintoNadeesha is actually from Sri Lanka as opposed to India which is where the actress Freida Pinto is from.  I pictured Liquid Sky’s sole female operative is being darker skinned but I think the talented Ms. Pinto could play the role of the femme fatale.

The Operator

shadowThe Operator.  Your worst nightmare.  The final member of Liquid Sky.  Can’t even remotely think of someone in show business who could play this guy.


“Gonna lay it out there… I love Jack Murphy’s work. It’s gritty, it’s fast paced, it’s got more bang than a breaching charge and it’s balls to the wall from cover to cover. Murphy’s latest, Direct Action, is all of this with a very healthy slab of contemporary world events thrown in for good measure. Yeah sure it’s a little controversial in parts but hey, it’s fiction, so it’s not necessary real…or is it? It’s the blending of fact and fiction that makes this book such a great read. If you’re interested in the murky world of SOF and the even darker world of contracting then this is the book for you. Another great read by Murphy that comes highly recommended.” -Jack Silkstone

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Weapons and Kit of Direct Action

For those reading Direct Action and are interested in some of the kit and weapons used by the characters, I thought I would highlight a few items!


SbirdIn one of the more cavalier moments in Direct Action, the Liquid Sky team infiltrates to their objective via wingsuit.  This particular model is the S-Bird wingsuit made by Tony Suits.  The S-Bird suit is designed for the maximum amount of forward travel, not just to stay in the air longer but to cover the most distance.  This is a capability that Liquid Sky makes good use of while flying over the city of Manila…

40mm GPS round

GPSbulletRounds with Global Positioning Systems embedded inside them are all ready being used by police officers to safely end what would other wise be high speed pursuits.  Firing the round from a specialized cannon on the front of their squad car, it uses a special adhesive to stick to the criminal’s vehicle.  The police can then break off their chase and simply follow up and arrest the perp wherever he stops.  In Direct Action, I speculate that it would not be hard to make 40mm grenade rounds with this same capability and a Samruk International mercenary uses it to Tag, Track, and Locate a very sensitive item.


AK103The AK-103 again makes an appearance or ten in Direct Action as Samruk International’s standard issue weapon.  Many other authors would opt for something sexier and more high tech but the reality of unconventional warfare is that you need a solid, durable, reliable weapon.  You also need a rifle that shoots ammunition commonly found on battlefields around the world.  You can forget about that cool-guy 300 blackout ammo because if you go winchester on ammo out in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, the Philippines, or anywhere else that is not a gun show in the US, you won’t be able to found more ammo for it.

Ingram MAC-10


HERF device

Sadly, no pictures are available for government made high-energy radio frequency (HERF) guns but you can scope out some home brewed versions.  Technopedia describes a HERF guns as, “A high-energy radio frequency weapon (HERF) is a directed-energy weapon used to disrupt digital equipment, such as computers. HERF works by blasting high-intensity radio waves at electronics, disrupting their operation.”  By disrupting digital equipment, the HERF gun could reset system and create an opportunity for hackers to insinuate themselves into electronic networks.  In Direct Action, a black then black program uses just such a technique to stir up the Arab spring in a certain country.

Combat hatchet


Grayman Dua folder

GraymanFolderThe Dua folder from Grayman Knives is folder I most often carry.  In Target Deck, the Sub-Saharan got a front line appearance on the cover but in Direct Action, its baby brother sees some action.  In one scene, Deckard uses the Dua to sabotage some enemy vehicles.

Emerson karambit

emersonkarambitA Filipino-American 1st Special Forces Group veterans carries the fixed-blade karambit from Emerson knives as his preferred edged weapon.  This knife ends up playing a pivotal role in Direct Action, especially in the final scenes of the book.


Ten rounds per secondThe most memorable remark about the Mk48 that I ever heard was, “That is the lightest heavy machine gun I’ve ever seen!” As a Corporal, I was a Gun Team Leader in Ranger Battalion where my team made great use of the Mk48 in training as well as combat. The Mk48 is the size of a SAW but packs the 7.62 punch of a M240B. It’s small size makes it perfect for immediate support by fire in dismounted, urban environments.

Carl Gustav

Operation Iraqi FreedomAdmittedly, the M3 Carl Gustaf isn’t the sexiest of weapons among the 75th Ranger Regiment’s rather extensive arsenal.  This is especially true when you have to pack this giant metal tube into an AT4 jump pack with cardboard honeycomb and exit a C-17 during a Mass-Tactical airborne jump at night.  Getting hung up in a MH-60 with the Goose slung over your back while fast roping and dangling 50ft in the air ain’t sexy either.  Don’t ask me how I know that…  I’ve written about being Tank Sniper and elaborated on the training and tactical issues surrounding the Gustaf in the past, so take a look!


“Jack Murphy takes readers on a ride of reality mixed with fiction. The question is, how much fiction really unfolds within his latest Deckard novel “Direct Action?” Filled with current affairs and blending real world incidents that few really know anything about, Murphy entangles an incredibly ferocious web of issues many have not the heart to address let alone write.” -Kerry Patton, author of Contracted I and II.

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The Direct Action Soundtrack

I just wanted to pass one some of the music I was listening to as I wrote Direct Action.  I actually had a big break during the writing of the book as summer ended and the fall semester started up at school.  I ended up jamming out the rest of the book during Christmas vacation.  The THYX album actually really helped kick start the book.

Apoptygma Berzerk, Unicorn

Edge of Dawn, Beyond the Gate

And One, Military Fashion Show

And One, Body Company

THYX, Below The City

Stochastic Theory, What You Weren’t (Echos Virus Mix)

Conjure One, Like Ice

Korpiklaani, Rauta

Somewhat Damaged, NIN

Came Back Haunted, NIN


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From New York Times Bestselling author, and Special Operations veteran, Jack Murphy comes a new military thriller about what happens when America’s best go bad.

The right man in the wrong place.

They call themselves Liquid Sky. A group of rogue SEAL Team Six operators turned soldiers of fortune. They’ve got the training and combat experience to pull off the impossible as their client hires them to stoke the flames of the Arab Spring in certain Middle Eastern countries…and suppress it in others.

Deckard faces the most challenging mission of his career when he comes across intel that puts him hot on the trail of Liquid Sky’s latest assassination in Pakistan, a mission that targets a pro-democracy advocate. Failing to stop the rogue cell, Deckard shoots from the hip and drops his name in the running to be Liquid Sky’s newest member, replacing the one he just killed.

It is a mission unlike any other that Deckard has ever faced. As they strike their targets in the Philippines, Afghanistan, Egypt, and beyond, Deckard has to maintain his cover while sabotaging their operations. If he can hold out just a little longer, he might be able to find out who Liquid Sky is taking their marching orders from.

But the missions are only getting dirtier, and Deckard’s hands are far from clean. When the time comes, not even Deckard knows if he will be able to do all that is necessary to take down Liquid Sky.

Kindle: Amazon

Paperback: CreateSpace

Signed Edition, ball caps, and patches: Reflexive Fire

Direct Action can also be read on your PC or choice of mobile device by downloading the Kindle App.

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Samruk International Hats, Patches, and Books

hat2Because you guys kept asking for them, I now have patches and hats in for all of you.  Please note that the ball caps are fitted so when you order I need you to make a note as to what size you require.  I sunk a good chunk of change into having some high quality stuff done up and am selling it just above cost, so I hope you guys enjoy!  The order links will go live on the merchandise page on Friday morning.  You’ll also be able to purchase signed copies of Direct Action, along with past books.



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Direct Action, This Ain’t No Brad Thor (Or Tom Clancy)

Andrew Vachss is a crime writer and an attorney whose mission is to protect children.  He has worked tirelessly on this issue through his legal work and also through the many novels he has written over the years.  He writes stories from, “down in the zero” which is that place that you don’t ever see in the headlines.  Some people just don’t want to know, especially when it comes to sexual predators and those who would traffick children to them for profit.

While Vachss started his writing endeavors as a vehicle to tell the world about these crimes, my own work started out somewhat differently.  I had just gotten out of the Army in 2010 and had some experience working in Army Special Operations units.  I felt I had seen some things and witnessed some history that no one was talking about, or writing about, as of yet.  It was too soon to start writing a non-fiction book about the “Task Force” but I decided to write a novel.  I figured it would be cool to take my experience and training and then apply it to a completely fictional scenario to write the ultimate action-adventure novel.  This is what became Reflexive Fire.  In the next book, Target Deck, I took a lot of stories about modern Counter-Terrorism operations and disguised them within a fictional scenario taking place in Mexico.

The third novel took on a very different tone.  There are certain subjects that I’ve spent a long time researching.  These are things that I can’t write about as fact.  The court of public opinion would crucify me, even if I could probably prove these things in a court of law.  There are some narratives that the American public clings so tightly to that you will never be able to change their mind about.

One of the most frustrating comments I get is from people who read my books and then say, “this is nothing like Tom Clancy or Brad Thor.”  Yes, that is quite intentional on my part.  These guys are talented writers, but they are coming from a very different perspective than I am.  They may even be far better writers than I am, but they never walked the walk.

It was only after I finished Direct Action that I realized what I had done.  Like Vachss, I’d told a story from The Zero.  The plot of the novel is a work of fiction, a series of events I strung together for narrative purposes.  However, the individual scenarios, situations, and conversations in the book are very real.  The general thesis of the novel is that a Special Operations soldier was found mutilated by the enemy in Afghanistan after a contact with the enemy.  Those who recovered him swore that from then on it would be an eye for an eye and that it set a certain segment of the Special Operations community down a very dark path.  I wish that this wasn’t true.

The best comments about the books that I receive is when people tell me that they are creepy.  Sometimes they tell me that the events depicted in the books feel like something that is happening right now.  That’s a great observation.  There is a reason why they get that feeling.

Perhaps at some point the full story will be told.  I was warned by friends in the Special Operations and Intelligence world about what I was investigating when I wrote Direct Action.  “They won’t hesitate to kill you,” was one of the more blunt warnings.  There was no question as to who “they” are.

In the end, I have no doubt that people will absolutely hate me for writing about these things.  People like to talk about their desire for the truth but in my experience, it is the last thing that they actually want.

Why choose the hard right when you can choose the easy wrong?

DirectActionPreviewshotDirect Action will be released on February 21st in paperback and as a Kindle e-book.  Those who don’t own Kindles can still read it on their choice of mobile device or computer using the Kindle App.


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Columbia’s Feminist Infestation in Butler Library

This is the first, and probably the last, post you will probably ever see me write about my time at Columbia University.  I’m not here to lionize the school or throw it under the bus.  I’ve great great experiences there and bad ones, just like my time in the Army or anywhere else in life.  The thing is, I’m a 30-year old man and don’t have time for petty university politics.  That said, some low hanging fruit is just too tempting, too titillating, for this barrel chested freedom fighter to pass up.

Today Gawker and several other blogs posted video of a handful of feminists who are Columbia students and/or alumni sticking it to male patriarchs everywhere by getting naked in Butler Library, smearing the floor with egg whites, pouring milk over themselves, making out with each other, and shaking their milky white cans on camera.  I know what you’re thinking…don’t threaten me with a good time, sugar pants.

Eggs whites and making out with chicks.  Want to be the meat in that sandwich?

Eggs whites and making out with chicks. Want to be the meat in that sandwich?

The stacks down in the archives at Butler Library are certainly one of the stranger places at Columbia University.  I grew up watching Ghostbusters so I know some gnarly shit can happen in the subterrainian depths of the library.  Whenever I go down there my combat senses are at full alert.  I’ve even remarked to other students that I stay on guard, ever watchful for stack weirdoes.  Who are the stack weirdoes?  Oh, you know.  Those perves who draw pee pees and wee wees in the margins of library books.  The threat is real.  Now I was channeling my spidey senses to be on the look out for these fucks creeping around the library in their semen stained sweatpants, but little did I know that I really needed to be on the look out for some slammin’ hot lezbo “feminists” rubbing their jugs in my face.

I assure you, the stacks are never this interesting!

Gender tension.  We gots it.

Gender tension. We gots it.

So listen, I get it.  I’m a white male privileged white male.  A chauvanist.  A mysigionist.  A tool of imperial imposition on third world peoples.  A war monger playing the mandolin for the military-industrial-complex (part time) but I still don’t fucking get what the point of these shenanigans in Butler library are.  These girls are out to call attention…to something…something oppressive no doubt.

Here is the reality.  If this video was made by a half dozen aging overweight Costa Rican nannies on the Upper East Side, exactly zero fucks would be given by anyone, anywhere.  It is only by objectifying themselves in the realm of (mostly male) experience and fantasy that anyone pays attention.  Why are they paying attention?  Because they are skinny white girls privileged skinny white girls sporting a nice rack or two between the lot of them.

Now I know my professors would no doubt be disappointed in my eduction and pedagogical methods if I did not post some facts and figures along with this article.  Fact: the average tuition fee at Columbia is $46,846 per year, not including additional fees and expenses.  That means that the parents of these co-eds are paying something like $50,000 a year for these honies to shake their jugs in the stacks in some bizarre attempt at social commentary.

Oh, for fucks sake!  The dog collar?

Oh, for fucks sake! The dog collar?

Another fact, I recently received an e-mail from the President of Columbia that attempted to take a stern hardline against this sort of behavior.  President Bollinger wrote, “gender-based misconduct and sexual assault have no place in our community.  Period.”  So where does the floppy blue rubber chicken, hot girl-on-girl action, and chicks spanking each other in Butler library figure in to all of that?  I think we all know that if I even talked about doing something like this as a joke that I’d be expelled immediately and that if I pulled out my junk in public that they would have NYPD threatening to give me the needle for my sex crimes within the hour.

One of these young ladies, named Coco Young, who I assume is the better endowed of the group, said, “You know—as a girl—there’s definitely a weird gender tension.”  Well  there is a no-shitter for all you red blooded sexist pigs out there.  Girls showing their tits and making out with each other creates this really weird gender tension!  Well fuck me running, I had no idea!

Coco continues:

“Butler is an extremely charged space-the names emblazoned on the stone facade are, for me, are a stimulant for resistance.  I work in Butler but sometimes feel suffocated by it… The point was to transgress the relative conservatism (and it’s history) of the space with this hysterical intervention.”

Punishing it.

Punishing it.

Ah, now we get to the roast beef sandwich of this profane demonstration.  They are Situationists straight out of some commie white paper written by Guy Debord!  You know, the whole school of, “we smoke the capitalist’s cigarettes in order to mock the capitalist’s every action.”  Bullshit.  This is the worst god damn excuse for exhibitionist T&A I’ve ever heard…as if it ever needed one to begin with (<–male chauvinist comment).

Real feminists should be out stalking the parks for rapists, holding them at gun point and castrating them with a broken Coke bottle.  This is just some chicken shit amateur porn from some girls who are afraid to do straight gonzo with male talent out in LA.  Give me a fucking break.

That’s why I give these so-called radical feminists the people’s elbow.

That’s it people!  I’m fucking outta here!


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